Kava with a K - a bit about me.

My name, Kavyasiddhi, is unusual. This post, explaining where it comes from, shares a bit more about me and highlights some important truths about the counselling process.

Why did I change my name ?

I had two naming ceremonies in my life (that’s plenty). One was my baptism (central Manchester) and the second (Tuscany!) was my acceptance into the Western Buddhist Order. I trained for seven years through study, peer groups and retreats, and a lot of soul searching, to become a non-monastic Buddhist practitioner. 
I was committed to my path, so much so that I changed my named by deed poll. That was easy – but getting other people to accept it was hard. Friends, family, the bank, DVLA, my Mum – they all had accept my name change.  That taught me a lot about unspoken expectations, which is helpful, when I counsel people during big life decisions.

These Order names are nearly all unique; they’re created to reflect a quality the person has and could develop, to follow the Buddha’s teachings of mediation, ethics and wisdom. Although I left the Order, I’m still a Buddhist and the instruction in my name still resonates.

The magic that comes from listening

Kavi is a Sanskrit term for a poet or bard, a prophet, even. The kavis weren't writers, but hearers: they heard the voice of the divine, a whisper of truth. Through repetition, in the oral tradition, these truths were smoothed into verse, or ‘Kavya’.  Think of now, and song lyrics  - some are so vivid, it's like someone took our feelings and put them into words.

The second part of my name, Siddhi, means accomplishment, or attainment, but with a touch of magic.  For me, that magic comes from listening and hearing someone in touch with what really matters. That big, important perspective that we need space to tune into. By tuning in, really listening, our deeper thoughts and feelings can emerge. Saying them aloud and being heard, lets our thoughts takes shape in the world.

Giving you space to get in touch with what really matters is the process. How it feels and what you can do, is where the magic of change can begin.