OPen to change

In my work as a counsellor, in my own life - whenever people are at a crossroads - I come up against this question: am I open to change?

We may want change, but what about that awkward in between time, when we wake at 3am, with scrabbling thoughts that we don't know what's happening, we're not in control and can't see how things will end.

This is part of the process of change - but it’s uncomfortable, so this is when we may lose heart and give up. How do we stay open, when our instinct is to shut down and cling on to the familar?

The first thing is to acknowldege that it’s normal to feel concerned. By definition, if something is new, we won't know how it will look. But can we be curious, rather than afraid? Can we stay with ‘not knowing’, for just a little while?

This 90 minute session is designed to explore what *you* personally need, when you enter a process of change, and look at ways you can resource yourself to reach your goal.

There'll be time to reflect and some practical exercises, for example on self sabotage and attitude to risk. 

Booking and details at https://opentochangewithkavyasiddhi.eventbrite.co.uk